Batam Shopping Malls

Good news. Batam Island is a Duty-Free Zone, so prices are comparatively low in comparison with Singapore.  Where to buy, what to do and what to eat? Shopping malls and most shops are open from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm every day and are normally open throughout all public holidays.

BCS Mall - Batam City Square

BCS Mall BatamWhat does the mall offers?

Ground Level
Handphone & computers accessories, home appliances and a few small restaurants.

1st Level
ATM Machine at your disposal - Yes, you can use your local ATM Card to withdraw cash (Rupiah). There are also plenty of eating places on every level. Don’t forget to top-up your mini bar for snack food and drinks at the Supermarket. You find a few money changers that offers quite a good rate compared to Singapore.

2nd Level
There are more clothes shop - a bookstore - restaurants. Don't forget to visit GOLDEN TRULY, a 3-level departmental stores that carries branded names and often gives 'gift voucher' and storewide discount throughout the year.

For the adventurous, head up to the 4th floor - the arcade and KTV Family where you can sing-your heart out for 2 hrs. At only Rp60, 000 (SGD8.00 exclude drinks of course)

DC Mall (Diamond City)

dc mall batam Diamond City Mall, or more commonly known as DC Mall, is located in Nagoya. It is a medium-sized mall with quite a few shops. 60% of the Clothes, fashion accessories are traditional wear. The mall also has a retail shop that specializes in traditional Indonesian clothing (Batik) and Moslem clothes.

There is a wide range of retail shops that sells both new and second hand computers. The mall also has a supermarket that is frequent by the locals.

Mega Mall Shopping Centre

Mega Mall is one of the largest shopping mall located just opposite the Batam Center Ferry Terminal - use the bridge connected to get across on the 2nd level (where the immigration check in) - start your shopping experience !

The mall covers 5 floors and it is packed with fashion apparel, electronic goods and furniture stores. Branded names can be bought from most of the stores at good prices. Sales are held regularly throughout the year, especially during the Ramadan month and Christmas & Chinese New Year periods.
The ground floor is a home to Hypermart, one of a largest supermarket that sells a variety of items. It also offers a wide range of cakes and bread that is prepared fresh, daily.

Restaurants and snack food outlets are scattered throughout the mall offering Indonesian, Asian and Western cuisine or visit the food-court located on the 8th floor that has a view of the sea... nice...

Located in the 2nd floor is XXI Cineplex Movie Theatre, which has 6 screening rooms and shows the latest movies. Patronized by the locals, but if you have time to spare, try the movie theater at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre.

The mall is ideal as a last-stop over for shopping upon check out or on arrival as the standard check in time is 1:00pm (BT) & Check out 12:00pm (BT).

Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre

The Nagoya Hill Shopping Center is Batam’s biggest mall. It opened its doors in 2007 and has 3 floors of retail shops.

Ground Level
HYPERMART selling just about everything and it is reasonably priced with snack food, bakery to keep you busy at least for an hour or two. On the same floor to your left upon exit the supermarket are retail shops offering handphone accessories and gadgets, computers, office and home appliances.

1st Level
The Food Arcade on the ground floor has a variety of restaurants to choose. There's GODIVA, PIZZA HUT Restaurant, a Chinese Restaurants and local restaurant serving nasi padang with indoor and covered outdoor seating.
Do visit INDEX Furnishings for kitchenware, home and office furnishing where they have the children's play station to keep them busy while you shop.

3rd Level
If you have time to spare, why not catch a good movie at Cinema 21. No worries, there are 3 hotels located within walking distance to the mall are: Nagoya Plaza, iHotel & Puri Gardens.

Harbour Bay Mall

located at Harbour Bay Ferry terminal opens its doors recently and still undergoing minor renovation. This 48.000 square meters mall offers the ultimate shopping & leisure experience in Batam. There are 84 shops complete with modern hypermarket (Carrefour) and Cineplex and large open-space for smokers. Surrounding areas are local restaurant, Pubs, Cafe and seafood restaurant.

Plaza Top 100 Penuin Batam

The location is located in Penuin area consists of Department Store and Supermarket Top 100 are selling products in foreign countries and places to buy souvenirs from Batam. Surrounded by small shops that sell accessories and clothing needs of a foreign product. Can be achieved by public transport with a distance of 10 minutes from Port Harbour Bay, 7 minutes from Nagoya, and 10 minutes from the Port of Batam Center.

Panbill Mall Batam

The location is located in Muka Kuning; it is a shopping center is located in the industry park of Muka Kuning, comprised of stores that sell groceries and presents the various cuisines of the archipelago. To go to Panbil Mall can be reached by public transportation such as taxis, carry; buses traveled approximately 7 minutes from the Port of Batam Center, 20 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport and 15 minutes from Nagoya.

Kepri Mall

Kepri mall batamA newest shopping mall in Batam, still developing as of now, however It could be one of the big shopping mall with Carrefour and Matahari dept. store located there. Strategic location, being at the intersection of one of the main crossroads city of Batam. If from Hang Nadim Airport, take the main road, stay straight course toward a Nagoya.
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